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Tratamiento de lodo

Treat yourself, you deserve it.

All our massages and treatments by GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI include a tea or infusion, the perfect complement to your ALMA experience.

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A woman receiving a spa treatment
Back massage with hot stones
shoulder massage

Relaxing Anti-Stress

30'  41€ | 50'  61€

Massage with hot oil and lavender essence with long, deep strokes, with little pressure. It brings tranquility and relaxation. Perfect in cases of insomnia or stress.


30'  41€

This therapeutic massage with hot volcanic stones has its origins in oriental medicine and its main objective is to relax the body and mind. Helps reduce stress and improve ailments by working our seven energy centers orchakras.


30'  41€ | 50'  61€

Ideal for dissolving contractures that are caused by stress, poor posture, lack of rest or a too sedentary life. It is a somewhat stronger massage than a relaxing type, but not painful.

head massage

For two

30'  €82 | 50'  €122

Enjoy an intimate massage for two in a cozy atmosphere with relaxing music, so that you can disconnect and strengthen the intense bonds that this special connection offers.

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Fusion Massage

80'  €80

Can you imagine 80 minutes of absolute relaxation? With our mFusion roasting is possible. Give your body and mind a break with a relaxing massagente that merges con neuro-sedation. In this complete therapy, our therapists perform a body massage that ends with a foot reflexology session.

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Japanese Facial Massage

40'  41€

Traditional oriental techniques of facial massage, lymphatic drainage and shiatsu, which guarantee visible results from the first contact: reduction of wrinkles and expression lines, as well as muscle relaxation, giving a fresh and rejuvenated appearance.

Healing of the body

Foot reflexology

30'  41€

Application of pressure in the areas of the feet. Relaxing and perfect for stress relief. The theory behind reflexology is that the areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body.


Enjoying natural ingredients

Vitamin C

50'  €52

Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients for the care of our face, helping to achieve healthy and glowing skin. It will provide luminosity and homogenization of the tone of the complexion, neck and décolleté. Indicated for dull skin with a lack of luminosity and devitalized.



50'  €70

Helps firm the skin, smoothing wrinkles and redensifying the skin cushion. The skin will be smoother and firmer, and the eye contour will appear youthful, rejuvenated and lifted. Relieves muscle tension in the face, skull and neck, which improves headaches, migraines, etc.

Smiling portrait


50'  45€   now 35

Allows oxygenation of the skin. All dead skin cells are removed and accumulated impurities are deeply eliminated. The skin becomes brighter and appears softer and smoother.

Natural beauty

Hyaluronic Acid 

50'  €57
Bonus 3 sessions €38/s.

Anti-aging treatment with hyaluronic acid that works on the face and neck. With this hydration ritual you will notice your skin plumper, hydrated, juicy, with a better texture. After 3 sessions you will be able to observe a filler effect without needles, seeing your wrinkles reduced by up to 70%. It is indicated for dry, dehydrated skin that wants to immediately recover its elasticity and comfort.

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Chemical Peel

50'  €35

with MASK €41

Discover our facial rejuvenation treatment. It consists of the application of a chemical solution that eliminates the damaged upper layers of the skin. At the end of the peeling, your face will have its own light, thanks to the fact that the cells will be new, soft and younger.

body wraps

We wrap the body to maintain the temperature and let it act for about 20 minutes. All our wraps include a massage at the end of the treatment.

Chocolate cream


50'  €57

A unique experience: chocolate has moisturizing, protective and relaxing properties. The warm application of this product renews the skin, looking completely nourished and revitalized. Chocolate helps to tone muscles and the skin achieves a healthy tone.

Image by Mae Mu


50'  €57

Our most revitalizing wrap. This treatment has a detox effect. It is ideal for eliminating toxins and improving circulation. It also helps to regenerate the skin.

aloe leaves


50'  €57

Based on aloe vera and mint, this wrap with moisturizing and regenerating properties is recommended for after the summer season, when the skin has been exposed to the sun. It has an immediate refreshing and soothing action.

Image by Kier... in Sight


50'  €57

The essential gold embellishes the skin with its golden particles giving it a touch of luminosity. This treatment is the perfect combination between relaxation and beauty. A long-lasting, intense sensation that leaves skin golden and glowing.

abstract texture

Mud and algae

50'  €57

The famous mud and seaweed wrap relaxes the muscles and provides well-being and relaxation for the whole body. It favors the elimination of toxins and increases blood flow.


Vitamin C

50'  €57

Receive all the benefits of the antioxidant and firming concentrate with Vitamin C. Protects the skin against dryness and premature aging, giving it a rejuvenated and reaffirmed appearance.



50'  €57

This wrappinga contains antioxidant properties which, upon contact with your skin, will leave it softer, firmer and more uniform. Additionally, it helps eliminate impurities, giving force, luminosity and vitality to the skin. 

anti-cellulite treatments

mud spa

Pressotherapy session 30'

1 session  €22/s.

Bonus 5 sessions  €20/s.

10 Bonus +1 free  €18/sec.

Aesthetic treatment that promotes oxygenation of the body and lowers blood pressure, while nourishing the cells of the body, stimulates the elimination of toxins naturally and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being. Ideal for tired legs, spider veins, edema, cellulite and fat accumulation.

Anti-cellulite Massage + Pressotherapy Session

50'  €52

Bonus 5 sessions  €39/s.

This treatment combines our anti-cellulite massage, where we apply intense friction to the desired area, and a pressotherapy session. Recommended treatment for cases that want to eliminate or reduce cellulite and orange peel.

Anti-Cellulite Massage + Mud and Seaweed Wrap

50'  €65

Bonus 5 sessions  €49/s.

This treatment combines our anti-cellulite massage, where we apply intense friction to the desired area, and a mud wrap, ideal for eliminating toxins and increasing blood flow. Ideal for cases where we seek to oxygenate the body and feel more lightness in the legs and the desired area.


Renew the look of your face and body with our scrubs.



50'  €57

70' with massage €70

Goodbye impurities! This scrub with a sea breeze fragrance eliminates dead cells and achieves renewed, hydrated and silky skin. With the option of a relaxing massage to finish the treatment.



50'  €57

70' with massage €70

It is the perfect option if you want extra relaxation in addition to renewing the condition of your skin by eliminating its impurities. Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties that facilitate muscle relaxation and, with its aroma, you are instantly transported to a state of peace.



50'  €57

70' with massage €70

Transport yourself to summer with this treatment! It is composed of a combination of Mediterranean seeds that facilitate skin exfoliation, with a result of hydration and softness. 



50'  €57

70' with massage €70

The sweetest one, just by feeling its aroma you will start to enjoy it. Formulated with cocoa and caffeine extracts, it has antioxidant, regenerating and soothing properties. It also improves microcirculation. 



50'  €57

70' with massage €70

This scrub removes dead cells and gives shine to the skin, in addition to nourishing and cleansing it. The result will be radiant, calm and soft skin. Grapefruit stands out for its anti-aging power thanks to the large amount of Vitamin C it contains.


A perfect combination of relaxing body massages, scrubs, wraps and facials.

FH13 SPAPParis 26_.jpg
blonde woman

Délice d'Orange RITUAL

120'  €132

The most complete ritual. Magical and rich in vitamins, with the anti-aging properties of orange, it includes peeling with an exquisite orange wrap, which leaves the skin soft and smooth as silk. The body massage with citrus oil provides a sensation of comfort and energy. The active ingredients of the alginate facial mask reduce wrinkles, giving the skin a new luminosity and freshness.

Thermal RITUAL

110'  €75

This ritual includes 60' in our thermal circuit, a revitalizing mud and seaweed wrap and a relaxing massage so that you feel how your body is activated and disconnected from the routine.

Personalized RITUAL

75'  €80

Customize your beauty ritual by choosing any of our Germaine de Capuccini wraps and we'll add a body scrub and a relaxing massage to finish off the treatment.


Beauty Bride RITUAL

75'  €110

Ideal treatment for the bride. In this ritual we perform a body scrub and use the gold wrap. We prepare the skin to apply a regenerating royal jelly facial mask, known to be rich in vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals that help hydrate the skin and delay premature aging. We finish the treatment with a relaxing massage with golden nectar.

Himalayan pink salt

Purifying RITUAL

75'  €80

A wonderful full body treatment that combines the healing properties of essential oils, salt and mud. Body scrub, mud and seaweed wrap, and relaxing massage.


Grapefruit RITUAL

75'  €80

Feel the properties of grapefruit on your skin. This treatment eliminates impurities and provides firmness, luminosity and vitality. With this ritual you will enjoy a body exfoliation session, a wrap and a relaxing massage. 

Instagram FEED Anna quadrat (1).png

Chocolate RITUAL

75'  €80

This ritual, in addition to having a sweet and warm aroma, is specially designed to help improve blood circulation, reduce signs of orange peel skin and eliminate dead cells. It consists of an exfoliation, followed by a wrap and a relaxing massage at the end of this experience.


Get a facial

Relaxation massage

25'  €22

A relaxing children's massage of the face, neck, arms and back with essential oil of tropical fruit.

Girls with Cucumber Facial

Tutti-Frutti Facial

25'  €22

Fun and aromatic gentle facial cleansing with a fruit mask and a delicate massage.

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