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Discover our most exclusive experiences.

If you can't find what you were looking for, don't hesitate to ask us.

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Paper packaging

Gift card

We know how difficult it is to surprise someone. We propose you one gift card, so you can customize it with the experience that best suits your needs: a friend's birthday, your parents' anniversary, the invisible friend at work, a detail for your partner... Leave everything in our hands.

birthday balloons

Happy Birthday

60' | FREE

If today is your birthday, we have a gift for you: come discover and enjoy our hydrotherapy circuit totally free, today is your day and you deserve it.

* It is essential to show the ID. Valid only for your birthday.

Aromatherapy massage

Bonus massages

5 massages 30' €175(€35/session)
10 massages 60' €250

Treat yourself to our massage vouchers and enjoy a relaxing moment whenever you want. 

chocolate cake batter

chocolate wrapper


Come enjoy the benefficiencies of the chocolatetherapy with whoever you want. After this experience, your skin will be renewed, nourished and revitalized.

head massage

Spa + Craniofacial Massage

60' + 15' | €27

Come discover our hydrotherapy circuit 60 minutes and ends with a relaxing craniofacial massage of 15 minutes. You will feel completely refreshed.

Massage Therapy

Massage + Pressotherapy 

20' + 20' | €35

If you need pamper especially your legs. This combination is perfect for you. A massage of legs followed byand a session of pressotherapy, each one of 20 minutes, more than that they will leave you like new.

FH13 SPAPParis 31_.jpg

Spa Voucher

5+1 free  €90 (€15/session)

Take advantage of our bonus for 5 hydrotherapy circuit sessions and we'll give you 1 free.


Pressotherapy bonus

5 sessions €75(€15/session)
10+1free 120(€12/session)

Enjoy pressotherapy sessions at the best price. 

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